Our Process

Our innovative 5-step process is designed to attract and retain talent by recruiting, screening, and aligning candidates with the right employer.

The People Source Process


We invest in our candidates by getting to know them and their individual talents, all in the interest of building long-term and beneficial relationships.



We analyze workforce trends from industry experts, perform our own studies and user groups, and constantly work to understand the world of work in the markets we serve.



Based on our evolving knowledge of the workforce at-large, we develop customized staffing solutions that best aligns our clients and candidates.



We deliver on our promises by following our guiding principles of integrity, candid communication, performance, innovation, quality and work ethic.



At every step along the way, we ensure success and exceptional client/employee experience by checking benchmarks and ensure the right direction.

Survey System


At People Source, it doesn’t end after a staffing decision is made. Our Survey System is a customized tool for client and employee benchmarking, reporting and satisfaction. We make sure to ask the important questions, but it’s what we do with the answers that really matters. When we get negative or passive survey scores, we modify our strategies and find the most efficient path to a successful resolution. This methodology supports a collaborative work environment and produces happier employees.

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