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I'm Seeking a Worker

PeopleSourceWe at PeopleSource know that each business has a unique structure, philosophy, goals, and needs, and that no two businesses are the same. Through detailed screening and testing, we can supply people compatible with your current individual needs, staffers who fill and fit empty slots in your business operation. From warehouse work to office assignments, to upper management positions, we take care to fit the right staffer to the job you need to be done.

How will PeopleSource work for you?
  • We recruit and screen for the job you need to fill.
  • You and the employee can assess if the job will be a good fit without a major commitment.
  • Flexible employment - you can hire to fill in for a current employee on leave or hire for high-volume times.
PeopleSource is responsible for:
  • Unemployment Risk
  • Workers Compensation
  • Payroll Taxes

We can connect you to job seekers in the following industries:

  • Light Industrial

    • Warehouse
    • General Labor / Assembly
    • Packing
    • Shipping / Receiving
    • Forklift Driver
    • Maintenance Mechanic
    • Welder
  • Medical

    • Front Office
    • Medical Secretary
    • Office Administrator
    • Medical Assistant/Back Office
    • Biller
    • Coder
    • Medical Records
    • Transcriptionist
    • Phlebotomist
    • Surgery Tech
  • Other

    • Banquet Service
  • Clerical

    • Administrative Assistant
    • Executive Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Data Entry Clerk
    • AP/AR Clerk
    • Other Office Support Staff
  • Legal

    • Legal Assistant
    • Paralegal
    • Office Administrator
    • Courier/Runner
    • Other Legal Support Staff
  • Professional

    • Administration
    • Accounting
    • Outside Sales
    • IT